Projects involving design, graphics, and illustration for book publications.
Gods Gift of Love Book Design  GOD'S GIFT of LOVE Book Design featuring book cover, jacket, and inside design and decoration. The jacket has foil and embossed accent elements. A very classy book.  Christmas Book Dust Jacket  Gods Gift of Love Dust Jacket  Christmas Book Opening Spread 
Gods Gift of Love Book Design 3  Gods Gift of Love Book Design 2  Milagros Catalog Cover  Bedtime Prayers Aquinas Kids cover 
Saint Francis Aquinas Kids Cover  The Our Father cover artwork  Hail Mary artwork Cover  Leaps of Faith Collection 
Leaps of Faith - Own Best Friend cover  Leaps of Faith BEST FRIEND Wrap  Leaps of Faith Logo Design  Leaps of Faith ANGER cover 
Leaps of Faith ANGER Wrap  Leaps of Faith STRESS cover  Leaps of Faith STRESS Wrap  Campfire-STRESS