An extensive project that involved not only full color artwork for all the figures
and settings but also planning out the physical structure of the fold-out. "I was
hoping for the guidance of a paper engineer but no such luck. But it was a
thrille to do, like putting together an intricate jigsaw puzzle."
Fold-out Presentation Sketch Mock-up 2  "After some initial sketching and drawing I created an actual model showing the basic look and operation of the product."  Fold-out Presentation Sketch Mock-up  Fold-out Presentation Sketch Folding test  The primary objective was to have the piece fold into an easily packaged rectangle.  Fold-out Presentation Sketch Mock-up 3  "The main focus of the design was especially tricky because I wanted to have the last window open onto the infant Jesus, a particularly challenging idea since this part of the design already had a fold in it." 
Fold-out Presentation Sketch cut and Fold  A look at the die-cut contour of the main stable piece with the added vegetation pieces glued on. Fairly intricate but definately possible.  Fold-out Presentation Color Mock-up  Digital color mock-up using newly created illustrations showing proposed fold-out calendar.  Fold-out Presentation Color Flat 2  Fold-out Presentation Color Flat 3 
Fold-out Presentation Color Flat  Fold-out Nativity BLUE inside panels  Fold-out Calendar Gluing Footprint  Sketches for Fold Out Nativity 
Figures for Fold Out Nativity  Bethlehem and Buildings illustration  Die-cut Shepherd  Vegetation artwork 
Die-cut Holy Family  O Little Town of Bethlehem Advent Calendar