A collection of decorative patterns, many of these having repeat design
elements. Some are used in products. All are available for license.

Celtic Floral Pattern  Celtic Cross Wall Banner detail2  Celtic Cross Wall Banner detail  Celtic Cross Wall Hanging C62 
Soft Color Flannel green-green  Bluebirds on Green  Bluebirds pattern on White  Artpattern 
Beach Textured background 1  Kokopellis pattern  Dusty Rose Ironwork pattern  Beach Textured background 2 
Dusty Rose Ironwork pattern green dark  Beach-Kaleidoscope background  Beach-Kaleidoscope-2  Bees Pattern 1 
Tapestry decorative pattern  Tapestry decorative pattern 2  Queen of Angels Cloth Hanging detail  Queen of Angels Cloth Hanging 
Soft Color Flannel blue-green  Dusty Rose Ironwork pattern green  Garland pattern on white  Gingerbread pattern on white 
Gingerbread pattern  Night Blooming Cactus Cereus  Batty pattern  Colorful Tree final artwork 
Salted-watercolor  Seapattern example 7  Winter Birds pattern on white texture  Seapattern-2 
Seapattern 3  Basic CMYK  Desert Florals  Dusty Rose Ironwork pattern medium 
Cereus Tile Play  Soft Flannel Bauto Diamond  Seapattern example 2  Seapattern example 3 
Seapattern example 4  Seapattern example 5  Waters of spring large  Seapattern-example 1 
Seapattern example 6  Dazzling Snowflakes on Green  Soft Color Flannel green-purple  Snowflakes on Blue 
Snowflakes on Green  Snowflakes on Lime Green pattern  Soft Baby pattern  Soft Color Flannel green-colorful 
Stones pattern  Sunburst pattern  Snowflakes on Black and Purple  Stained Glass Pattern