Randy Wollenmann

Illustration and Design Studio

Creating beautiful illustrations and unique designs for licensing on products and publications.

For over 30 years Randy has been working in the field of decorative arts creating designs and images for a broad range of markets; from tabletop giftware, dinnerware and glass design, to greeting cards, calendars, gift wrap, puzzles, prints, books and children's learning materials.

"Through my college years I was focused on sculpture and furniture craft and was almost ready to take the step into the world of academia when I came to the realization of a different road in life. I returned to my home town and signed on with the folks at the monastery. With my first years spent working for the Benedictine monks of the St. Meinrad Archabbey I came to realize the direction my creative energies would take."

"Over the years I have developed a diverse collection of artwork with many images coming back time and again to the inspiring design and vivid color of stained glass. It’s a constant source of joy, to think back on my first experiences as a kid looking at those magnificent and intricate stained glass windows at the monastery church, all produced and brought in from Switzerland. The light coming through all that colorful, textured glass, and the stories that came to life as the light pierced through the many biblical scenes continues to inspire me today.”

"Currently, my mind and studio are filled with many projects. At any given moment throughout the year I have between 3 to 5 images in progress with a backlog of over 30. So much to do; so little time! There is never a dull moment. With each illustration I am on a quest to illustrate that perfect "masterpiece". It’s my ongoing mission in life, finding that right balance of subject, color, texture, form, and message, all to bring a sense of joy and positive energy in this complicated world.

Continuing my evolution of expression!

Keep checking the marketplace for my latest creations and drop a note, if for nothing else than to say hello. I am always open to new connections and my studio a constant state of imaginings and creativity."